Why Linux?

Every programmer no matter the domain would have a basic knowledge on Linux. So when we talk about Freshers first step into Programming then it would be Linux!!

So now the most important question is why Linux knowledge, and if we want to skip that ,then you need to know what you are missing. To know why you need Linux take a look at the below points ,

  • Better understanding of the Operating System
  • Every programmer needs to deal with Command Line , and Linux helps a lot in that
  • What every application you have developed it has to be deployed on a Linux Platform
  • Git knowledge is required to make sure that the entire project is under a version controlling system, and not just for pushing the code to github. Hence Linux plays a role in this too

So , now lets talk about Linux. Linux is a Kernel (It interacts with your Hardware). When we put some softwares in the kernel then it becomes a whole Operating System.

Lets learn few words related to Linux ,

  • Linux was highly inspired by MINIX which was inspired by UNIX.
  • GNU General Public License — Here modification and re-distribution of software is allowed. This is one of the reason of wide usage of Linux
  • Distros — Specific group of Software — updation of software, package repository and release of new packages, companies launch their own distribution of Linux AKA Distros. Some common Companies are Arch, Debian , Redhat, Slackware, others.

Among all Distros Redhat plays an important role — Redhat Linux

Debian — Mint, Ubuntu , Kali, Parrot, Deepin

Redhat — CentOS, Fedora

  • Bash Shell — A shell is basically the Black screen/Terminal / Command Promp that you can see in Linux. When we write a command in the shell , what is going to come up from it is heavily dependent on the shell used. One such is Bash Shell

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