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Redhat Openshift Installation on AWS

Deploying Red Hat OpenShift on AWS involves setting up AWS infrastructure, installing prerequisites, deploying OpenShift, configuring networking and storage, ensuring security, monitoring, and maintenance.

Red Hat OpenShift certification signifies expertise in deploying, managing, and optimizing containerized applications, validating proficiency in scalable and secure container orchestration for enterprises

40 Hrs Instructor-Led Class

Real Time Examples

Redhat Cloud Lab


What is the importance of the lab environment in Red Hat training?

The lab environment allows candidates to gain practical, hands-on experience with Red Hat technologies. It reinforces theoretical knowledge and prepares individuals for real-world scenarios.

Can I retake a Red Hat exam if I do not pass it on the first attempt?

Yes, you can retake a Red Hat exam – 1 Free Retake is available

How can I prepare for a Red Hat exam?

Hands-on practice in a lab environment is crucial for reinforcing concepts. Reviewing official documentation is also recommended. Exam Prep sessions are conducted in CubenSquare

How does OpenShift support DevOps practices?

OpenShift integrates with CI/CD pipelines, automates application builds and deployments, and fosters collaboration between development and operations teams, aligning with DevOps principles.

Course Content

Day 1: Introduction to Containers

Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes

  • What are containers?
  • Overview of Kubernetes
  • Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift

Day 2: Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes


AWS Fundamentals

  • Overview of AWS services
  • Setting up an AWS account
  • Introduction to VPC, EC2, IAM, and S3

Day 3: Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes


OpenShift and its Architecture

  • Understanding OpenShift components
  • Difference between OpenShift and Kubernetes


Preparation for OpenShift Installation

  • Setting up prerequisites on AWS
  • Planning your OpenShift cluster

Day 4: Installing OpenShift

Installing the CLI Tools

  • Installing and configuring AWS CLI
  • Installing OpenShift CLI (oc)

Automated Installation using OpenShift Installer

  • Understanding IPI (Installer Provisioned Infrastructure)
  • Deploying a cluster using the OpenShift installer

Verifying the Installation

  • Accessing the OpenShift console
  • Verifying node and pod status

Day 5: Installing OpenShift

Basic OpenShift Operations

  • Project creation
  • Deploying applications

Summary of tasks so far and real time environment

Day 6: Networking

Networking in OpenShift

  • Configuring routing and service networking
  • Network security and policies

Day 7 : Storage

Managing Storage

  • Persistent volumes and claims
  • Storage classes in AWS

Scaling and Monitoring

  • Scaling resources and managing cluster capacity
  • Monitoring cluster performance.

Day 8 : Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Troubleshooting deployment issues
  • Logs and diagnostics tools

Day 9 : Evaluation

Hands-on lab assessments

  • Final quiz to test knowledge and practical skills

Course Wrap-Up and Q&A

  • Recap of key topics
  • Open question and answer session


Students from Across
the Globe


RedHat Openshift Installation on AWS

  • Basic knowledge of Linux/Unix command line
  • Fundamental understanding of AWS services
  • Fundamental understanding of Kubernetes, Openshift


A community is formed were all members interact and help each other – during and after the training along with Mentor Guidance



This Course involves – Certification from CubenSquare 

  • Hands on Training
  • Real Time Projects
  • Assignments 
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Job Assistance


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Best place to learn devops 😃😃😃😃😃😃for beginners Gomz best trainer 😇😇to assist us to learn all the concepts .
Prabhu_devops Prabhumdu
Prabhu_devops Prabhumdu
I have completed Devops here… For fresher and experienced peoples this will be the turning point in our life… Literally saying… Before class starts we will have many things in your mind… But once class started… Goms will not leave your mind to think apart from his voice…until he say’s “Thank you guys will see you in next class” 100% worth to attend his class… Don’t think about the course… surely he will not leave you without filling in your mind… Classic and real life examples.. 24/7 reachable..and will give more confidence to attend interviews… Thanks Cubensquare and Goms…
revathi k
revathi k
Hi,I am revathi recently i have completed Devops & Openshift course in cubensquare.I Just want to pass on some honest feedback of my tutor&mentor(Goms) and the institution.He concentrate on the practical knowledge rather than therory.Goms willing to help any student at anytime.He has a passion for his students to succeed in and beyond the classroom.The course is without a doubt one of the best investments I have made in myself. Goms explain the topics with real time examples which we never cant forget.They offers the various trainings and internship for students and experienced.Cubensquare is the result of hard work, dedication, and a lot of sleepless nights. Congratulations on this amazing achievement.I Wish to be part of your team :)
ranjith vinayagam
ranjith vinayagam
For the past one year I am learning various courses from cubensquare terraform,red hat and now dev ops. Goms sir’s teaching methodology was unique and he makes us understand the concepts really well.I am happy that I choose this institute to learn dev ops.Every single penny i paid for this course is really worth it
Ajmal Sheriff
Ajmal Sheriff
Good Institute to learn Devops Course. Trainer Goms helped us to understand each and every concepts clearly. All classes are practical oriented with real time scenarios/examples which makes everyone easy to learn. We will also get a good opportunity to do a real time Project.
Kanaga Valli
Kanaga Valli
I was considering taking a course but wasn't sure what to choose and was unsure whether I could accomplish it. Goms sir is the one who gave me confidence and helped me become an expert in both openshift and DevOps. I begin both concepts with no prior understanding of openshift and DevOps. Now I understand what to do with openshift and DevOps. He clarified all of my clarifications. I've never seen such a dedicated teacher in my life. Thank you once more, Gom Sir
Zakirhussain Noorulla
Zakirhussain Noorulla
The Best place to 1.Enhance your carrier 2.Change your Non-IT domain to IT domain 3.Get your dream job with good hike. I have done my devOps course and Redhat openshift certification recently in CubenSquare. Pros : 1.Very skilled trainers for each technology. Specially our trainer GOMS, the way he teach each topic with correlated realtime examples (live projects) in layman terms makes better understanding and register in our mind easily. 2. They provide very clear live running notes for each class with recordings, with all presentation, nowhere institute will provide this .So after years also we can easily refer incase of doubts. 3. I personally like, the classes are much more practical sessions rather just showing PPT and boring. 4. They follow perfect class timings, No last minute changes. At rare case if any changes we get to informed before itself. 5. Both weekdays/weekend and online/offline available. 6.Very reasonable price for each course, mainly they have easy instalment option which is helpful for most of students. 7. Good placement opportunities as being recruitment partners with TATA and other organisation. 8. All over best place to make your carrier better with all needed stuffs in technologies . Cons: Honestly No🙅
CubenSquare is the Best place to learn Devops , Redhat Openshift, Ansible and other offered cources in an effective way with real time examples and gain knowledge with live scenarios & problem solutions. trainer Mr.Goms is the best person to teach these technologies from scratch & making the people expert in their domain. Also they offer with technology experts working on real time is very much helpful to know & feel the work and present in the interview and they guide and support until we get a job. I appreciates CubenSquare teams and support they provided during my learning path. Thank you Cubensquare!!!
I really enjoyed this class and the format it was presented in. For me, I learn and retain much more through an online class. I retain more information. I found it relaxing to be able to turn the work on the assignments and test at my leisure and when I had the time. To be honest, there is nothing that I disliked about the course. Special thanks to Goms for guiding me. Thank you once again.

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