Life in CubenSquare as an Intern – DataScience AI/ML

Vanakkam all

While I was working in corporate, we used to interview, select, train the interns and create an environment for them to have a easy, smooth transition from college life to corporate life & handling the real time project execution. This experience is helping me to welcome interns to CubenSquare, understand their expectation, defining them the roadmap, creating a overall joyful learning experience and excel in the domain.

Different stages:

  • Welcomes and introduction
  • Orientation
  • Existing skill Evaluation
  • Feedback
  • Setting expectations and goal
  • Communication channel
  • Training
  • Project topics discussion and finalize
  • Mentorship and Guidance
  • Project execution and Progress Check-ins
  • Track the progress through tools
  • Provide necessary resources
  • Discuss professional development opportunities
  • Presentation and Documentation by Interns
  • Project completion and demo
  • Feedback mechanism
  • Potential Next steps
  • Join support channels to know the Job Opportunities

Project focus on different industries :

Currently we are focusing on below industries considering our potential customer base and upcoming contracts. At the same time, we welcome ideas and suggestions from students, discuss and proceed.

  • IT
  • Tourism
  • Marine
  • Finance

Tools selection :

I would say, the choice of tools often depends on the specific requirements of a project, the preferences of the data scientist or analyst, and the nature of the data being worked with. We have several tools to choose but can limit to the requirements

Our choice of Project – AI enabled Tourism :

Tourism is one of the popular topic being discussed across India due to various historic events happening currently. So we thought of taking up this as one of the project and currently working on it.

Features to Implement :

  • Mobile application
  • User Profiling
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Real-time updates
  • Multi-criteria optimization
  • Sentiment analysis


  • ML
  • NLP
  • Real-time data integration: APIs
  • Mobile app development: React , Flutter

Invite for recruiters:

A request to all recruiters of different companies – If you have a requirement in this domain, do give an opportunity to our interns and evaluate their skills. We assure you skilled resources and talents