‘AI in Finance’ session at Women’s Christian College

Vanakkam all

I have been to multiple colleges across Tamilnadu and other states to deliver technical sessions and current IT trend, job market etc. This January, got invited to Women’s Christian college, Chennai to deliver session on AI in Finance industry. Audience : Commerce graduates. While in college, I understood that irrespective of the departments, be it Finance or civil, all students are focused on their core area and also concentrating on evolution of information technology.

AI because of us:

While I was working in corporates –

Inside the company : when ever a new technology emerges and its implementation, the whole teams discussion would be around – will we loose the jobs due to automation, AI etc

Outside the company: As a consumer, we tend to get frustrated due to delay in getting bank statement, report, approval of loan application, government related tasks getting delayed – voter id, ration card, aadhar etc, queue in theatre, queue in restaurant etc etc etc. For everything we get frustrated and pray for a quicker solution.

Our frustration is a business opportunity for another

That’s were all these started. Continuous improvements, innovations, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning etc are leading towards ‘one click’ for our needs. Be it food delivery, bank transactions, movie booking, flight booking, government tasks etc. Everything on your finger tips.

AI in Finance

AI is changing the whole system. Speed is the key. AI is changing the quality of products and services the banking industry offers.

  • Cost effective solutions
  • Chatbots
  • Fraud detection & prevention
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Credit Risk Assessment
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Competition

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