AI Robot & Dentistry | My interview with Dr. Mohammed Ashiq, Tlieta Dental House

Vanakkam all

While all of us are exploring AI in different ways, I just thought of understanding and experiencing the AI impact in healthcare. Today I got a chance to sneak-peak into ‘TLIETA DENTAL HOUSE’ . Dr.Mohammed Ashiq, chief Dentist shared his insights on the intersection of dentistry and AI.

Artificial Intelligence is making strides in revolutionizing dental practices, offering new possibilities for diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient care

Doctor’s passion towards embracing technology:

In his busy schedule, he took some time to give a brief on ‘AI Robot’ and importance of Doctor consultation

AI Robot Machine: How it works

He has a ‘AI Robot’ machine in his front office . 6 feet height and 4 feet width with a touch screen, movable camera attached to the device. Doctor asked me to take a demo.

  • Entered my phone number and name
  • Click on Start
  • The screen displays the stencil view on how to show your teeth
  • Open your mouth and show your teeth infront of the camera – Guided phases | scan’s upper, lower, front of the teeth
  • Once done, the screen will display the preliminary diagnostic report with possible treatment options
  • A report copy to mobile as well

AI in Dental Practice:

Dr.Mohammed talked about the significance of AI Robot, which aid in the early detection of oral health issues. Just stand infront of the machine, scan your teeth as per the guidance from machine, in few seconds you will get the report. The report will give the details with treatment options but always get the doctor consultation for proper treatment.

Doctor consultation mandatory:

AI helps in quicker preliminary check with treatment options but cannot be considered as the final rather consult the doctor with the report for further treatment

“Patients appreciate the personalized approach, and it instills confidence in the treatment process”

My view on AI in Dentistry:

While we appreciate the holistic view, still we have to address below challenges and concerns.

  • Privacy
  • Confidentiality of patient data
  • Data security
  • Ethical consideration

AI is a powerful tool, but it cannot replace the intuition and experience of a skilled dentist. Through AI the doctors can avoid the routine tasks and focus more on the treatments.

Of course, sooner we will be finding the answer to all above queries and put AI for better and secure use. AI and human expertise work hand in hand and ultimately delivering superior oral healthcare