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Vanakkam all

Hubbl– Trending news in Australia now. New device to manage your streaming apps by Foxtel. The reason why I am happy to read about this is, Hubbl is powered by Comcast’s Entertainment OS. Being an x-comcast employee, happy to read the products, projects being launched by Comcast and its partners every now and then.

Hubbl :

I was just browsing through hubbl and every media, newsletters talks about the device and the launch of the device this week. Hubbl is based on Comcast’s xumo Play streaming platform and Foxtel being a syndication partner would utilize Comcast’s technology to offer its streaming service.

Hubbl revealed its 18 app partners including Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV+ and Paramount+.

Two different devices :

Hubbl comes in two forms.

1. Hubbl puck (like a Jio device)

2. Installed inside the Hubbl Glass TV

Patrick Delany, CEO, Hubbl and Foxtel Group :

“Hubbl is like nothing in the market – ‘it is TV and streaming made easy’ – seamlessly integrating world-leading technology with a purpose-built design and unrivaled app integration that sets it well ahead of the curve. It has been built with Australian consumers in mind, effortlessly fusing free and paid entertainment and sport from apps, channels and the internet into one seamless user experience – delivered via Hubbl Hub or a world leading TV, Hubbl Glass. It will deliver a frictionless paid and free entertainment environment, and we believe will become the heart of the home for millions of Australians.”

Comcast’s Entertainment OS:

Tech listeners : When we think about OS, we just come across different Linux distros, windows, mobile OS etc. Have you heard of Entertainment OS ?

Comcast’s Entertainment OS is the foundation of Comcast and Sky’s experiences for viewers. It’s a next-generation customer experience (CX) that seamlessly integrates across various devices. Entertainment OS aims to unify content from live TV, on-demand, streaming services, and other digital media into a single, easy-to-navigate interface.

Includes features like :

  • A new way to manage playlists
  • A faster way to restart TV programs or films
  • A new “continue watching” rail for Netflix content
  • Personal Playlists
  • A new “Play” voice command
  • More ways to find content from your favorite actors and directors
  • Enhanced Bluetooth features

Life in Comcast – CIEC | x-Comcast Employee

Being an x-comcast employee, it feels happy to see new products getting released and comcast crossing several milestones. Got to know from my friends and Linkedin posts that, the hiring is in full swing and new floors in ChennaiOne are getting ready for accommodating new hires.

I enjoyed each and every moment in Comcast for the duration I worked there. In my overall 17 years tenure,

  • I felt so bonded to the company
  • Work-life balance
  • Employee centric
  • Individual care and attention
  • Supportive leaders who will listen, guide, mentor
  • Meet the company GM directly and discuss your concerns if any , share your opinion, etc
  • Good salary package
  • Women Empowerment | Effect DE&I
  • Job role to match your skills
  • Internal Job Postings

All above are not just a namesake features, rather the real time perks you enjoy being a comcast employee. Job seekers – find the openings in Linkedin and give a try to Comcast , Chennai .

CubenSquare – Oppostie to ChennaiOne :

My office CubenSquare is opposite to ChennaiOne, were comcast office is located. Every day, I have to pass by ChennaiOne to reach my office which gives back the old memories.

What about AI in entertainment industries :

Lets explore in upcoming blogs . Also just wondering if OpenAI or Gemini or any other would be releasing a product around OTT/ Livestreaming / etc. As we speak, OpenAI image generation, OpenAI sora – the text to video conversion is amazing and what about the job roles with adobe photoshop, movie editors etc. Will there be layoff ? Will small players think about OpenAI instead of hiring an Video engineer ? We need to wait and find out …

Adopt to the changes, think big and plan ahead …