Telecom Industry | Red Hat Openshift | Interview Prep Focus Area

Vanakkam all

Its not just one area were we need the digitization in telecom industry and its not just one tool which offers the solution rather its a combination of multiple tools and integrations. Lets focus on the application side and the dots connecting to Redhat Openshift.

Customer Engagement application :

Telecom operators enhance their customer experience by providing a personalized dashboard to manage their accounts, billing, streaming options, data usage, customer support etc. And along with this, we also have the option of self-healing which helps in resolving the L1 issues automatically by enabling chatbots.

Such customer engagement applications with digitized experience are in demand and they are getting containerized for better scalability and flawless application updates

Amdocs DigitalONE :

Telecom operators use DigitalOne to enhance their customer engagement. Amdocs is a leading software and services provider to communications and media companies, transforming the customer experience with its innovative solutions. DigitalONE is a part of Amdocs’ customer experience suite, designed to provide a digital customer engagement platform.

Redhat Openshift Integration :

Such customer engagement software run as containerized application on Redhat Openshift. Benefits include :

  • Scalability
  • Resilience
  • CICD
  • Security

Interview Prep Focus Area :

Now, the question is – how does this help me to prepare for an interview, what are the areas to be focused w.r.t Redhat Openshift. Lets assume below flow :

  • Customer engagement application : Java
  • Build the java code : Maven
  • Build the war/jar file to container image : Podman
  • Registry :
  • Deploy : Redhat Openshift
  • Environments : Lab, Test, Prod, DR
  • Clusters : 4 Clusters | 1 Master and 4 workers nodes | For prod 3 Master & 7 worker nodes
  • SCM : Github
  • Build tool : Podman
  • Orchestration tool : Redhat Openshift version 4.10 / 4.12
  • OpenShift GitOps : Argo CD
  • CI : Jenkins [ Build – Test – Repo ]
  • Platform : On-prem & AWS

Key Openshift Objects to practice :

  • Node
  • Pod
  • Deployment
  • Service
  • Replicaset
  • Daemonset
  • Route
  • Namespace | Project
  • Resource quota
  • LimitRange
  • Network Policy
  • Secret
  • Configmap
  • Identity Provider
  • Serviceaccount
  • RBAC
  • SCC
  • HPA
  • Operator
  • PersistentVolume
  • PersistentVolumeClaim
  • StorageClass
  • Machineconfig

In upcoming blog, will cover another telecom operator utilizing Redhat tool for solving different problem.