AI and its impact on copyright law | OpenAI – SORA

Vanakkam all

Talk of the world – AI. Each one of us are amazed, thrilled to see how AI can do magics, how it can be used in our day to day life, how it can be adopted, at the same time worried about privacy, security features, how it might impact the human jobs. From employer perspective, how to make sure company confidential information’s are not fed for machine learning by employees. AI products now a days has a way to enable and disable ‘train the machine’

AI impact on Copyright:

While I am enjoying the day to day news on AI and its results, I am also keen to know about its impact on copyright law. Copyright is all about legal right of a owner of intellectual property, whether the owner has given the consent to copy his creation. Awaiting the enactment of AI act in EU which has been already proposed and had the positive nod on implementing AI act, from 27 countries.

Differentiate human creation vs AI creation:

We do not have a technology to find out the origin of creation – picture, story, music etc. OpenAI is currently working on an internal testing to know the origin. We need to wait for it

OpenAI – Copyright Complaints:

OpenAI states that” If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been infringed, please send notice to the address below or fill out this form. We may delete or disable Content alleged to be infringing and may terminate accounts of repeat infringers”.

While OpenAI researches and AI products at its peak, it is the responsibility of the individuals who use the products to use it with safety and use it responsibly.

OpenAI Sora

OpenAI release on ‘SORA’. What an announcement …. Sora creates video based on your text input . Stunning videos upto one minute maintaining the visual quality and adherence to user’s prompt.

Safety & Risk analysis

Sora is available to redteamers to assess areas for harms or risks

Awaiting to use different emerging AI tools and analyze the risk associated with it