Education & Jenkins – Reap the benefits of CI/CD

Challenges :

– Single place for seamless validation and deployment of salesforce project

– Minimize human interference

– Decrease the release time

– Scheduled pull was limited

– Development team have to locally pull the latest code and do Ant deploy


– Simplifed approach

– Reliable approach

– Innovative

– Faster deployments

Solution :

– Move to Jenkins Pipeline

[Jenkins has two pipeline methods : Scripted pipeline & Declarative Pipeline]

[Declarative pipeline method is easy to write,read & we have an option to generate the pipeline from GUI menu options]

– Used BlueOcean Plugin to visualize the pipeline process & results

[ Blueocean is a plugin with easy visualization]

– Declarative pipeline with multiple stages with view & debug errors

Timeout issues:

– The build pipeline included tests too which added time to overall build. This resulted in timeout issues

– To fix this ,we increased the heapmemory

Plugins used :

– Blue Ocean

– JavaMelody

– Git

– Ant


– Pipeline Plugin


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