No AI plz | Enjoy the festivals, traditions with human touch | And the business

Vanakkam all

I am from a small village ‘Kottaram’ , less than 5 mins away from Kanyakumari – the tip of India .

Pongal is celebrated every year in the month of January- a multi-day harvest festival . I along with my family travel to native for celebrating Pongal in traditional way every year.

One of the major and enjoyable task for all ladies are to draw kolam ( lines, curves, loops drawn around grid pattern of dots ) the day before Pongal . The whole village will be drawing kolam in front of their houses – they start by 10 pm and go on until approx 2 to 3 am .

No technology can match this experience of whole night drawing – an enjoyable experience, slow and steady efforts to make the kolam so colorful , no awards for best kolam rather a wonderful complement from neighbors, family members for the effort and drawing .

Artificial intelligence is all about reducing time and make customer experience better. But while it’s possible to bring AI everywhere , let’s not bring AI in this and several other festivals, traditional ways we follow . Let’s leave it as it is and transfer them to our next generations too and let them enjoy what we did . This is not just for Pongal festive rather to all other celebrations where human touch matters .

My x-boss from comcast Ernie Biancarelli often to quote this – ‘Leave it better than you found it ‘

Happy Pongal to all of you . I am writing this by 2:45 am ist and waiting for completion of kolam . Started by 10 pm ist and still ON . Slow – steady – enjoy – leg pain – cool breeze – coffee – colourful kolam 🎉

And the business :Meanwhile, I got a chance to meet one of my college mate in native who have come to India yesterday. He wants me/CubenSquare to built a stock market application which involves AI and ML. Sugarcane stick in one hand and AI/ML discussion on the other hand. We have initiated the discussion and by mid of next month, we should be getting started to develop the application. Will share my experience on the AIML implementation