Why industries choose Redhat Openshift, over opensource Kubernetes

Vanakkam all

Often there is a question around Job opportunities for Openshift Engineers. Will we get Job offers with good package if we learn Redhat Openshift. Here’s your answer .

Lets consider 2 major industries – Financial & Telecom. Both of these industries are heavily reliable on Enterprise Kubernetes distribution – Openshift. Why ?

Financial Industry :

Reason for choosing Redhat Openshift can be categorized as follows from Financial industry perspective

  • Redhat Enterprise Support to maintain SLA
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Security | Protect sensitive financial data
  • Transaction system – Availability
  • Faster deployment | New features to market quickly

Regulatory compliance – The wand

Regulatory compliance is one of the most crucial part of adherence being monitored by government bodies, regulatory agencies and financial authorities. Financial institutions must follow the law, regulations and guidelines to their business operations. Deviating from those rules, regulations will result in huge penalties, legal actions, suspension of the body etc. Hence the technology behind to protect such regulatory compliance must be strong and trusted.

Redhat Openshift – the enterprise kubernetes distribution is one among the popular trusted technology to have therobust security features and enterprise support. Security features like RBAC, Network Policy , Security Context Constraint ( SCC) help in maintaining those compliance. Built-in logging and monitoring features help in audit requirements and trail.

Transaction system – High availability and scalability

All transactions in financial systems are considered to be crucial, unbreakable, traceable transactions. Openshift’s auto-scaling and self-healing features ensures availability, scalability under heavy loads

Enterprise Support

Above all, the enterprise support bound to SLA helps every organization to relax in times of issues, outages. Redhat expert team is available round the clock to support and fix the issues.

Telecom Industry

Similar to Financial industry, telecom industry reasons for choosing Openshift can be categorized as

  • Network Functions Virtualizations | High reliability, Low latency
  • Edge computing

Telecom companies spread out across the geographical areas. Its like where ever you go, they follow. Such business requirement needs managing virtual network functions (VNF) across a wide geographical area, with high reliability and low latency. Openshift can orchestrate these VNFs efficiently. This features helps the telecom company to meet their SLA with end customers

Edge computing : Lets say I am in chennaiand I would be happy to have my data received from near by locations instead of other states & region. To solve this problem and to have the data transmitted from customer nearest location, edge computing is implemented. Openshift facilitates deployment and management of applications across edge locations consistently.

Summarize: Redhat OpenShift offers a more secure, manageable, and supported environment to these industries’ critical workloads and industries are happy with the product and service as they meet their end customer SLA and meet the security standards. When the Openshift product is in demand, of course the job opportunity for openshift role is also on demand.