Redhat Openshift Interview Questions – The 10 : Part 2

Vanakkam all,

In this series, sharing the interview questions asked to our students in various MNCs , startup, product based, service based companies. The second 10 questions for your eyes below – Will get complex questions with scenario as and when we move on with parts

Openshift Interview Questions – The Ten : Part 2

  1. What are the aspects to be considered while upgrading openshift? known issues
  2. Monitoring & alerting – Have you used native features or external – Brief
  3. Do we need Grafana – if so how many dashboard do you have in your environment and detail them
  4. What identity provider is implemented in your environment ? What is your role in it
  5. What is RBAC – how do you get onboarding requests and who manages it
  6. Difference between namespace and project – have you used projects in openshift
  7. Why did your client chose Openshift over kubernetes
  8. Autoscaling is not working – the pods are not getting created – what will do you ?
  9. POD or application instance is in pending status – what are the error possiblities
  10. Alertmanager is not sending notifications to slack – what might be the issue