My first interview with a lorry driver : Hit & Run law

Vanakkam all ,

This is my first direct interview – non technical| Law. IT engineers should also be aware of this. Punishment & fine for causing death by accident.

Sharing my experience :Yesterday went to Tirupati. Usually I stop at a small Rajasthani dhaba near Tirupati for food – roti, bindi fry, baingan fry, channa, daal tadka, mushroom masala, mushroom rice etc are being served hot, spicy and tasty. Saw few trucks parked and the drivers were standing beside . Thought of checking on the recent hit & run law and its impact from lorry drivers view.

Hit & Run Law : One of the hot topic being discussed in India is regarding the Hit & Run law – IPC to BNS which states that “whoever causes the death of any person by rash and negligent driving of vehicle not amounting to culpable homicide, and escapes without reporting it to a police officer or a magistrate soon after the incident, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description of a term which may extend to ten years, and shall also be liable to fine”

Point to note | Illustration:Assume that ‘A’ causes death of B by rash and negligent driving. After accident if ‘A’ flew from the scene without reporting to Police or magistrate, then the punishment will be 10 years imprisonment and 7 lakhs fine.

Intention behind the new law: The act aims to improve the road safety in the country.

Lorry driver view: I asked about their perspective and why are they opposing this new law. He told that

– Driving lorry with heavy loads are not easy. Drivers need to see all corners every time

– People cross the roads behind the lorry and due to negligence they get hit at the tail

– Few pelt stones on the mirror to forcefully stop the lorry for robbery

– Bribe

– In case of death due to accident, drivers cant stay back in the scene, as there are high chances of public getting agitated and causing griveous hurt to lorry drivers

– Lorry drivers salaries are very low including the daily bata. In this situation, punishing with 7 lakhs fine is practically impossible for drivers to settle

Summary : The new law is strict, improves the road safety, drivers will have no choice rather to call police to inform about the accident and try to save the victim. Punishment is at the higher scale and we need wait until parliamentary decision is being made