Red Hat Openshift 4.14 – Key Enhancements and course content

Vanakkam all

A brief on Red Hat Openshift 4.14 version features and course content

Red Hat Openshift version   : 4.14
Based on Kubernetes Version : 1.27
Container Engine CRI-O      : 1.27
  • Extended Update Support(EUS): From OCP-4.12, additional 6 months added
  • RHEL COREOS uses RHEL 9.2
  • Can install OCP on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using assited installer
  • Hosted control Planes on bare metal and Openshift virtualization
  • Boost AI and Graphics Workloads with Red Hat OpenShift
  • Enhanced Security Features

Red Hat Openshift official training content includes with hands-on :

  • Kustomize manifests
  • Openshift templates
  • Helm charts – Deploy applications using helm
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Network security
  • Load balancer services
  • Developer self-service: quota,limitrange,project templates
  • K8S Operators
  • Security & updates

Zoom Out : The introduction of hosted control planes and expanded virtualization support in 4.14 reflects a significant move towards offering more flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient deployment options for OpenShift clusters