Time for ‘Lok Adalat for AI in India’ | Judiciary should create AI-related job positions

Vanakkam all

With the rise in #ai utilization, the judiciary is likely to encounter numerous AI-related cases. While the government works on AI act, I believe establishing a Lok Adalat specifically for AI could efficiently resolve many such disputes.

What is Lok Adalat :

Lok Adalat refers to People’s court. Lok Adalat is a system of alternative dispute resolution. Lok Adalat’s settle disputes through conciliation and compromise, offering a quick, cost-effective, and binding resolution. The system is recognized under the Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987, and has the authority to settle a broad range of civil cases and compoundable criminal cases.

No appeal, No Fee

Decisions made by Lok Adalat’s are final and cannot be appealed, encouraging the parties to willingly resolve their disputes. Also, No court fee payable


  • 1 Chairman : Must be a sitting or retired judicial officer
  • 2 Members : Should be a lawyer
  • 1 Social worker

First National Lok Adalat of 2024: March 9th

Over 11.3 million cases settled in first National Lok Adalat of 2024.

The National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) successfully organized the first National Lok Adalat of 2024 in the taluks, districts and high courts of 34 states and Union territories on Saturday.

According to information from the state legal services authorities from across the country as of 6 pm on Saturday,

  • 1,13,60,144 cases were settled
  • Includes : 17,14,056 pending cases and 96,46,088 pre-litigation cases
  • Approximate value of settlement : Rs 8,065.29 crore

AI everywhere :

Soon the world will visualize AI dominant lifestyle over human. While the innovations are helping several industries including medical science, it also instils fear on transparency, privacy, accountability.

Flood of AI cases :

Soon India is going to face several cases around AI violations – bias and discrimination in decision-making, privacy invasion through extensive data collection, ethical concerns over AI decision-making in critical areas like healthcare and criminal justice, autonomous weapons etc.

Lok Adalat for AI

Today Artificial Intelligence act was passed in European parliament. At the same time, India is working on Artificial Intelligence Act and its nuances. While, the government is shaping out the act, having a Lok Adalat for AI would help to settle the disputes between individuals & corporates.

Lok Adalat for AI to settle disputes would be an approach to handling conflicts that arise from AI operations, usage, and development. A framework that accommodates the complexities of AI technology, including issues of bias, transparency, and accountability.

Compositions of Lok Adalat for AI :

Involve a panel of AI experts, legal professionals, and ethicists to review cases and make decisions, potentially supported by AI tools to analyze data and predict outcomes. However, the implementation of such a system would need to carefully consider ethical guidelines, legal standards, and the limitations of AI in understanding human contexts.

AI Job roles :

Judicial system should start recruiting AI experts. AI experts will be responsible for analyzing the data, understanding the algorithm used and predict outcomes. Having right experts will help with speedy process.