Openshift Internship


Internship Includes:

-Introduction to OpenShift
-Red Hat OpenShift Installation
-Deploying Applications on OpenShift
-Managing Applications
-Deployment Strategies
-DevOps Integration
-Networking and Security
-Exploring Microservices Architecture
-Monitoring, Alerting, Logging

Outcomes of the Internship

-Gain real-time job experience
-Potential for a job role change

Openshift Internship-On the Job Training

We are excited to announce our OpenShift Internship with on-the-job training at CubenSquare Thoraipakkam branch!

Program Details:

Duration: 2 Months (8 Weeks)
Mode: Offline
Fee: Rs. 20,000 (EMI options available via Credit/Debit card)
Pre-requisite: Basic Containers & Kubernetes Knowledge
No need for a laptop; use CubenSquare systems


Limited Seats – Only 5 seats per batch


-I don’t know Red Hat OpenShift, but I know Kubernetes. Can I enroll?
Yes, you can.

-Will this internship include OpenShift training & certification?
No, this internship will not include OpenShift training & certification (DO280 & EX280). You need to enroll separately.

-Can I apply for a job role change after this internship?
Yes, very well you can, as this internship provides real-time job experience and hands-on training.

-Will I get assistance during the internship?
Yes, a Red Hat OpenShift expert will mentor and guide you throughout the program.

-Do I need to pay for this internship?
Yes, this is a student-paid internship.

-Do we have an EMI option?
Yes, we do.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical experience in OpenShift!

For more details and registration, please contact us at 9342278992 / 9840174214

Openshift Internship