People Manager

As a People Manager, always do not lookup to Elon musk, Mark Z or other Global leaders comments rather understand YOUR leaders strategies & way forward


Recent news across IT industry, my friends & students in overseas : Companies are getting rid of middle managers/People Managers, at the same time hiring engineers, technical managers.

Now the question is it true ?! – In my experience, I would say this is there for a long time. Now its getting visible, transparent across the globe.

People Managers View : We focus on managing, developing the employees, their development plan, career growth, Job satisfaction, mentoring, appraisal, feedback, resolve conflicts, mainly maintain the team as a team and an environment to enjoy the work and meet the goal. Also we have strong communication skills and interpersonal skills.

80% People Management – 20% Technical

My opinion : Time for People Managers to focus on technical aspects, learn niche technologies and take up projects with 80% technical and 20% people management. This will help you survive in the IT world and boost up your confidence rather often think that ‘we feel undervalued by our own team and leaders, underpaid, not in promotion list etc’.

During my tenure in corporate, often the cafeteria discussion around people managers – “leadership is not recognizing my efforts, no promotion, no hike, focus is on engineers until architect but not for us who manages the team”. This applies for both service based and product based companies.

Instead of spending time in thinking all these, looking at global leaders comments, wasting time in swiping the social media, focus on your technical skills, understand your leaders strategies and travel with them to achieve the goal together.

“If you are in complaining mode on leadership consistently , then better – RESIGN, find a company which values your people management skills”. But understand the long term growth and then decide on your path. The firing mode is ON in US, it wont take much time to reach India.

In simple terms : Leaders give ‘feather on your cap’ – mails & ‘Best Manager of the month’-awards to people managers, Pay hike & promotions for technical managers. Go see yourself today !. Be Practical and add value to yourself & business. 100% you can . Go technical – Enjoy the journey !!

Become ‘80% Technical & 20% People Management’ from ‘80% People Management & 20% Technical’.