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Guidelines To Migrate From Self- Managed Kubernetes In AWS To Amazon EKS

Migration Migration — yet another usual term on the crowded streets of Software Architecture. Migration tasks in a Software Industry can be hectic, time-consuming, or painful involving multiple resources to get engaged, collaborate, and achieve the end-goal of Migrating our components to a newer environment. Though it is exhaustive, the journey as part of any

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How to install ContainerD

Containerd versions can be found in this location : Step 1 : Download the containerd package wget Unpack : sudo tar Cxzvf /usr/local containerd-1.6.14-linux-amd64.tar.gz Install runc : Runc is a standardized runtime for spawning and running containers on Linux according to the OCI specification wget $ install -m 755 runc.amd64 /usr/local/sbin/runc Download

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Chef Infra Automation Commands

Chef Infra Automation Commands Quick Command Guide reference:   knife bootstrap IPADDRESS(hostname) –sudo -x username -P password -N target1 (This installs chef-client and validates) knife bootstrap WIN-I2R3V7Q9AFV –sudo -x username -P passwd -N nodename   Bootstrap Virtual box ********************** knife bootstrap –ssh-user vasanth –ssh-password ‘vasanth123’ –sudo –use-sudo-password –node-name virtuenode knife bootstrap x.x.x.x –ssh-user ubuntu

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