Refund and Returns Policy

No Return Policy: Courses registered on CubenSquare are non-returnable. Once the registration process is completed, an initial amount is required to be paid, and the course is considered officially enrolled.

Pausing and Continuing Courses: If a participant needs to pause their course due to unforeseen circumstances, it is mandatory to intimate CubenSquare before the pause begins. The participant can resume the course after the specified pause duration.

Refund Policy: CubenSquare does not provide refunds for courses once registered and the initial payment has been made. The initial payment is non-refundable.

Intimation for Pause: Participants intending to pause their course should inform CubenSquare in advance. Failure to provide prior notice may affect the pause duration and eligibility for resuming the course.

Resumption of Courses: Participants can resume their paused course after the designated pause duration. CubenSquare will provide guidance on the process to continue the course.

Course Completion Deadline: Participants are encouraged to complete their courses within the stipulated time frame. In case of any concerns or difficulties, they should reach out to CubenSquare for assistance.

Contact Information: For any queries or concerns related to the return and refund policy, please contact us at