Project Signed – African client : Ecommerce – Setup & Application Support

Vanakkam all,

The first two projects and its progression has helped to bag the next one – Ecommerce setup & application support .

During my corporate days, we used to have a Sales team, Project team to market the product, service and then decide on the deals. The sales team will be given the target to sell the product, service and they do meet the expectation by successfully bagging the deals. The next part of the story is from the Project team. At times, the Project team would refuse to take up the deal due to various practical reasons : team bandwidth, skill set, number of resources, tools & technology availability, the complex ask from customer etc. Finally, the leader common to both sales & project team gets looped in, his final conclusion irrespective of the pointers, discussion from project team –

“Lets go for it and meet our customer expectation”

Both the teams are right from their angle as I have been in their shoes before. And the good part is , they do deliver the expected results.

Being a startup, I often play both the roles now, but finally conclude by bagging in the project and make sure the team is ready to deliver. At the same time, thanks to all the friends who are helping me throughout this journey.