Devops Internship


Internship Includes:
Introduction to DevOps
Linux Basics for DevOps
The Essentials of Version Control – Git
Building with Docker – Containerize applications
Kubernetes Kickstart: Cluster setup
Managing Clusters and Deployments
Scaling Applications with Kubernetes
Simplify Kubernetes with Helm
Monitoring with Prometheus: Setup, Configure, and Analyze
Centralized Logging with Fluentd and the ELK Stack
Visualizing Metrics and Logs with Grafana
Building Real-World DevOps Pipelines
Automating Builds with Jenkins
Configuration Management with Ansible
End-to-End Automation: Building a CI/CD Pipeline
Future: Career Paths and Certifications

Outcomes of the Internship:
– Gain real-time job experience
– Potential for a job role change

Internship Details : 

CubenSquare Pallikoodam
Devops Internship- On the Job Training

Program Details:
Duration: 2 month
Mode: Offline
Fee: Rs. 20,000 for new joiners / Rs. 17,000 for alumni (EMI options available via Credit/Debit card)
Seats: Only 10 seats available
No need for a laptop; use CubenSquare systems



I don’t know DevOps, but I have some related knowledge. Can I enroll?
No, kindly enroll for devops training after which you can start with Internship

Will this internship include DevOps training & certification?
No, this internship will not include formal DevOps training & certification. You need to enroll separately.

Can I apply for a job role change after this internship?
Yes, very well you can, as this internship provides real-time job experience and hands-on training.

Will I get assistance during the internship?
Yes, a DevOps expert will mentor and guide you throughout the program.

Do I need to pay for this internship?
Yes, this is a student-paid internship.

Do we have an EMI option?
Yes, we do.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain practical experience in DevOps!
For more details and registration, please contact us at 9342278992 / 9840174214 or visit our website

Devops Internship