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Are you struggling to manage your projects efficiently? Is collaboration among your teams becoming a challenge? Look no further! We specialize in Jira implementation to help you streamline your processes, enhance collaboration, and achieve project success.

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Atlassian Jira is a powerful tool that effectively manages your development process and fits best with the agile development team, especially when the team starts to scale beyond a handful of close-knit teams.

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Key Features

By achieving these goals, we aim to optimize project management processes, increase team efficiency, and ultimately enhance our overall organizational performance.

Streamline Project Management

Enhance project planning, tracking, and reporting capabilities.

Customization for Specific Needs

Tailor Jira Core to meet the specific requirements and workflows of our organization.

Integration with Existing Tools

Ensure data consistency and reduce manual effort through automated data synchronization.

User Training and Adoption

Facilitate a smooth transition by providing ongoing support and resources to encourage user adoption.


Implement robust reporting mechanisms to provide insights into project progress, bottlenecks, and team performance

Scalability and Future-proofing

Scalability and flexibility to adapt to changes in the organization's structure or processes.

Why Choose CubenSquare

CubenSquare is into helping enterprise entities implement and integrate Jira. Our experts can get the products like Jira core, Jira Service Management installed quickly, securely and on budget. We help optimize Jira from a strategic perspective to ensure high performance and maximum usage across an organization. We have a team of experienced Jira professionals on staff who can, and have, helped enterprise level entities with implementing and integrating Jira

Jira Implementation Approach

The process starts with the pre-sales/Business analyst gathering an understanding of existing process and mapping to the Atlassian stack flow 

This documentation serves as a reference for administrators, developers, and stakeholders involved in the Jira instance

Team starts implementation

Data migration involves transferring data through either of the following : Project import/export, XML backup/restore, third party apps. Migration depends on the existing setup and as a post migration step , verify the integrity of data migrated

Unit testing is an essential component of the Jira Software implementation process. It involves testing individual units or components of the system in isolation to ensure that they function as intended. In the context of Jira Software, unit testing typically focuses on testing specific configurations, customizations, and functionalities

Once unit testing is complete, involve end-users or stakeholders in user acceptance testing to validate that the implemented features meet their requirements

Iterative Testing:

As the Jira Software implementation progresses, continue with iterative unit testing for new configurations or changes

Implement the solution across projects in LIVE environment. Post Go-Live we provide support for a stipulated period as per contract

Client Reviews

Since implementing Jira with CubenSquare our project management has undergone a remarkable transformation. The customizable workflows and seamless collaboration features have significantly boosted our team's efficiency.


Jira implementation was a game-changer. The tailored configuration to match our unique workflows has simplified our project processes. The ongoing support has been invaluable, and our teams now work cohesively with improved communication.


The integration with our existing tools was seamless, and the level of customization allowed us to adapt Jira to our specific requirements. The team's expertise and commitment to our success were evident throughout the entire process.


The comprehensive training provided ensured a smooth transition for our teams, and the custom configurations have optimized our workflows. The ongoing support has been outstanding, demonstrating their commitment to client success


The level of customization allowed us to tailor Jira to our unique project management needs seamlessly. The integration with our existing tools and the in-depth training provided by Cubensquare made the transition smooth and efficient. Our teams are now more collaborative, and project timelines are consistently met


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Frequently Asked Questions

Jira is a powerful project management tool designed to help teams plan, track, and manage their work efficiently. Implementing Jira can bring numerous benefits, such as streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration, and improved project success rates.

Jira is a versatile tool that caters to businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Jira scales to meet your project management needs, providing a flexible and customizable solution.

Jira fosters collaboration through its intuitive interface, real-time updates, and commenting features. Team members can easily communicate, share files, and stay informed about project progress, promoting transparency and accountability.