Basic Linux Commands


Now to understand about the basic linux commands, first you need to know what Linux is all About!!

When using Windows — its high degree of compatibility is fine for every day use for many people. Since Windows is a proprietary operating system, developers and user more or less have to work with a relatively closed software environment with certain restrictions .

Linux on the other hand has a completely open source kernel -The central part of the operating system that links your hardware with applications that can be used freely for tons of use case scenario. These different versions of Linux are commonly called as distributions or distros which provides different stacks of software tools and desktop environments all of which are tied to the Linux Kernel that combine to form a complete operating system.

These distros can range from anything — Ubuntu or Mint which are popular desktop distributions often used as alternatives to windows . Linux is focused on security and stability,which as made it extremely popular for servers and other critical applications, whereas Windows is focused on ease of use.

So now lets look into some of the basics Commands in Linux