Anticipate and detect wildfires, analyze data in real time : Red Hat Openshift, AI, Edge, Private 5G

Vanakkam all

One of the key discussion in MWC24,Barcelona was about Minsait, an Indra company taking the joint solution from Red hat and Intel for use cases such as ‘Detection of wildfires’ which includes edge, Private 5G, AI, Redhat Openshift.

Technologies such as the IoT or AI help with the intelligent detection of fires, minimize false positives and can generate early warning to accelerate the intervention of personnel.

Minsait – ‘Spain – In 2022,summer time more than 73,000 affected hectares had burned, the area burned in Spain almost doubles the average of the last decade and the forecasts for the remainder of the heat do not seem to be better. An emergency context in which it is necessary to take measures and collaborate in a coordinated manner, both governments, companies and citizens, to minimize its consequences and establish future measures that contribute to having sustainable and more conservationist policies with the world in which we live’

From above statement, we understand the seriousness of wildfire, its impact to Human health, environment, Economy.

AI, Private 5G, Edge computing:

These 3 offers innovative solutions to enhance wildfire detection and prevention efforts.

  • Early detection
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Monitoring
  • High speed
  • Dedicated Networks
  • Remote operations : Drone, robotic firefighting equipment, real time data analytics, Scalability and efficiency

Role of Red Hat Openshift

Redhat Openshift, an enterprise kubernetes distribution, enables the packaging of AI models, data processing applications. Also helps in auto-scaling, High availably.

Redhat Openshift tool stack :

Tools that can be leveraged for this use case,

  • Openshift Container Platform (OCP) v4.10,v4.12
  • Openshift AI
  • Openshift pipeline : Tekton | Native CI/CD solution
  • Openshift GitOps process : ArgoCD
  • Openshift Service Mesh : Istio
  • Advanced Cluster management for Kubernetes
  • Redhat Quay : container registry
  • Redhat Market Place
  • Container Engine : CRI-O
  • RHEL CoreOS : Operating system

Different Environments to Deploy and test

  • Sandbox
  • Test
  • Production
  • Disaster Recovery (DR)


  • On-premises
  • Cloud – AWS

Summary : Red Hat Openshift helps enables an effective approach to managing wildfire risks, by providing a automated, scalable, and secure platform for deploying and managing the applications and services that includes AI, Private 5G, and Edge computing solution for wildfire detection and prevention.