AI : Atlassian Intelligence, My Mom’s Grocery list vs Companies tools list

Vanakkam all

Today Atlassian launched AI across their products like Jira software, Confluence, Jira Service Management and more. While AI is existing for a long time, this became popular after ChatGPT disruption. From top brands to small products, AI has blended everywhere.

Atlassian Intelligence : Partnership between humans and artificial intelligence (AI)

Atlassian Intelligence is going to help reduce several hours of search effort and give you the answers on a silver plate.

Nearly 10% of Atlassian’s 265,000+ customers have already leveraged Atlassian Intelligence through beta program.In short the overall testimonies of AI are – Atlassian Intelligence boost the individual productivity, no need to spent several mins, hours to read, understand and summarize the PIR reports, create tickets instantly, look for Q&A instantly, slack integration etc.

Key Features:

  • Human AI Collaborations
  • Generative AI Editor | Create user stories instantly
  • AI Powered Summaries | Get upto speed on any topic in confluence
  • Natural Language Automation
  • AI Definitions | Demystify jargons, concepts or acronyms
  • Natural Language to JQL, SQL
  • Q&A search
  • Virtual Agents

AI Definitions: When I read this feature, I remember my colleague ‘Bhavya’ from previous company . During one of the lab week, she pitched in an idea regarding Demystifying the meanings of jargons, difficult words, foreign language as on-screen one-click display for OTT screenings : Movies, Series.

To my leaders from previous organizations:

Atlassian Intelligence is really going to help Directors and senior leadership to save time and efforts. Just try this – schedule a meeting, invite everyone in the BU, share the screen and explore the AI possibilities in Atlassian – Jira core, Jira Service management, Confluence etc. This will help to get feedbacks and mainly the reactions from the room , you can decide how much time and effort you are going to save going forward .

Try below for sure

Virtual Agents : This can respond to help requests on Slack | Jira Service management

Generative AI Editor : Most of the time, leaders tend to track few tasks which is being discussed on a general meeting but we miss to do so, as we depend on a team member to create ticket. Now, instantly create a ticket on your own by typing few words on the go !

AI Powered Summaries : Last but not the least – There are several instances were we have to spend several mins,hours to understand a technical documentation before attending a technical meetings, were the architect/teams can go through several pages of confluence document. Now, just 5 mins before the meeting, open confluence – Atlassian Intelligence helps to summarize the whole doc in crucks . Now read, understand and shoot your questions in meeting to clarify the doubts and lead the direction in call

My mom’s grocery list Vs AI tools list

Today when I returned from office, my mom gave me the grocery list . While seeing this and at the same time reading AI, I just felt that how the future of IT companies will be – soon Procurement team will be ordering :

  • 2 – AI based Atlassian tools : Jira core, confluence
  • 2 – AI based Redhat tools : Ansible, Openshift
  • 1 – AI based communication tool : Slack
  • 3 – AI this
  • 4 – AI that

Time for all engineers to think out of the box :

While AI is emerging, remember its reading the existing stuff/machine learning and suggesting, summarizing, giving solution from within and what is existing. As a human, lets all think better, think out of the box, think and try implementing which you feel is impossible or not yet explored. Try all possible POC( Proof of concept) at the same time be time cautious too and mindful of the resources you have, resource you are going to put to use.

AI – Suggest a Baby name plz :

AI started playing a crucial role, including keeping a name for your new born baby. Soon : Type as – suggest a name for my baby | AI will analyze your browsing history, location, work nature, cultural aspect, movies booked, favorite movie star, most used names and it will suggest you a name – For instance Rajinikanth 🙂 .12-12-23 : Today is superstar Rajinikanth birthday | Happy birthday to Mr.Thalaiva.

AI in CubenSquare :

We in CubenSquare believe AI means‘All Illama Mudiyathuda’ (meaning: not possible without human ) and that’s the front poster I have in my office entrance

AI – All Illama Mudiyathuda ( meaning : Not possible without human )