Redhat Openshift Interview Questions – The 10 : Part 1

In this series, sharing the interview questions asked to our students in various MNCs , startup, product based, service based companies. The first 10 questions for your eyes below – Will get complex questions with scenario as and when we move on with parts

Openshift Interview Questions – The Ten : Part 1

  1. Application fails to deploy – What will be your next step
  2. Application encounters performance issues in an Openshift environment – What will you do to fix it
  3. What are the aspects to ensure High availability ?
  4. Difference between High availability and consistency
  5. How do you arrive at resource allocation for your environment
  6. Your experience in optimizing openshift environment
  7. Who are your stake holders
  8. What is network policy and given an example of implementing it in your environment’
  9. Do we have inbuilt CICD feature in Openshift, if so have you implemented – Brief
  10. What are the automation possibilities in Openshift, your experience or knowledge