What is Kubernetes?

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Today lets get inside the most popular search term of Devops — “Kubernetes”.

Kubernetes is an open source Container Orchestration Tool- developed by Google. It helps in managing containerized applications — made up of 1000s of containers and helps to manage in different environments.

Kubernetes or K8s is used to orchestrate containerized Cloud — native micro-services apps

Now lets break down the above sentence! The application that we were building on the web are changing quiet a lot. Servers are now moving into a different definition of micro-services. Each application is not just build once its been built by different teams. Some design about how videos are to play, some works on how certificates are gonna be designed and dispatched and so on — these are known as micro-services.

First lets know about,

What is Orchestration -It is simply managing your application. The management of application requires

  • Scale it up or down
  • Self Healing
  • Rolling updates and rollback

What is Containerized– This is a whole concept of packaging your application and putting that on the cloud. So now the app runs it in the container and are termed as containerized applications .

What is Cloud-native- Its an application that is designed to meet cloud demands like auto scaling , self healing, rolling updates and roll backs. If you want to take more advantage on scalability and horizontal scaling of the application this will be very useful.

What is Micro-services– Its an application which is built from lots of independent small specialized parts that work together. Like,

  • Video conversion
  • Video Streaming
  • Discussion section
  • Certificate and many more

So now for managing all these specialized applications needs a special tool that can monitor things and thus comes into the picture of Kubernetes . It is basically a management tool for all your containerized applications so that you can play around the cloud.

The need for Container Orchestration Tool:

  • Increased usage of Containers
  • Demand for a proper way of managing those hundreds of containers.

Features of Orchestration Tool:

  • Scalability or High Performance
  • Disaster Recovery — Backup and storage

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