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It’s customizable: Kagi looks a lot like Google and generally feels very similar to use. But unlike Google, Kagi lets you block sites you don’t like and promote sites you do like. You can also create lenses to only search certain sites or domains.

No ads: The catch with Kagi is you have to pay for it. You get a few searches a month for free, but $10 buys you unlimited access. That’s a lot of money for a search engine!

Its AI is handy but not in the way: For a lot of queries, Kagi puts a little “Quick Answer” button at the top — click it, and you get a brief AI-generated answer, with cited sources you can click on.

The mobile browser is great: Kagi’s mobile app is a browser called Orion and it’s as no-frills a mobile browser as you’ll find. It’s fast and easy to use. You can also supposedly download Kagi as a Safari extension on iOS.

Kagi has a bunch built in, too, like a Small Web lens that favors blogs, forums, and other parts of the web that tend to get blotted out by the giants.

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