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Teamcity — CI tool new release & its awesome features


Favorites :

Parallel test — Speed

TeamCity is now capable of parallelizing the execution of your tests by intelligently distributing them across multiple build agents, thus minimizing their overall duration . ~10x faster .

Built-in Code Quality Inspections

Starting with version 2022.04, you can enable advanced code quality inspections and perform a variety of other new actions — all powered by JetBrains Qodana:

  • Run static analysis checks.
  • Find duplicates in your code.
  • Track how the code quality changes over time, and much more.

Adding code inspections to your build pipelines allows you to cut the time you spend on code reviews, ensures maintainability of your projects, and helps every developer on your team to work more efficiently

Cloud Integrations

Version 2022.04 allows you to not only store new build artifacts in Amazon S3, but also move existing artifacts from TeamCity’s local storage to Amazon S3

Deployment Workflow

Now you can create build configurations that will not start immediately after being triggered, but will stay queued until everyone from the approval team gives their green light. This feature will be particularly useful for advanced teams that don’t want to limit developers’ ability to access the production environment, but at the same time need a higher level of control over the deployment procedure.

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