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Google Deepmind announced the release of Synthid  which is used as an identification tool for generative art. The company said that digital watermark is used which is invisible to the human eyes. AI generated images is called Imagen.

Watermarking audio and visual content to help make it clear that content is AI-generated was one of the voluntary commitments that seven AI companies agreed to develop after a meeting at the White House. Google is the first of the companies to launch such a system.


Google said that the watermark can’t be easily removed through simple editing techniques. The identification part of SynthID rates the image based on three digital watermark confidence levels: detected, not detected and possibly detected.


Google says its system can work with metadata-based approaches, like the one Adobe uses with its Photoshop generative features which is available in open beta. SynthID includes a pair of deep learning models: one for watermarking and the other for identifying.



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