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The SwitchBot S10 is a new robot vacuum and mop that autonomously drains and refills its dirty and clean water tanks using a battery-powered water station. SwitchBot is a smart home robotics company.

The only dirty work you need to do is empty its dust bag after 70 days. It is fully autonomous. As a vacuum mop, the SwitchBot S10 resembles many of the bots from the likes of Roborock, Ecovacs and others.

It is a multitasking home robot. It is the first vacuum robot with auto refill water station system. It can be installed and connected to the water inlet pipes. It also provides hand free sweeping and mopping experience.


S10 will have all the standard features of a high-end robot such as powerful suction, long runtime, room-specific cleaning, AI-powered obstacle avoidance and self-cleaning capabilities. May be one day it will be made to water the plants even.


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