Spinnaker and Netflix

 In DevOps
  • Spinnaker is a part of Delivery Pipeline, it takes care of Deployment Phase
  • It can be used in conjunction with Continuous Integration Technologies- Ex. Circle CI, Jenkins , Bitbucket , Teamcity and so on
  • It deploys and supports all Major Cloud providers — AWS, GCP , Azure, Kubernetes etc.


Netflix using Spinnaker

  • Accelerated the time to market
  • Empowers team to make Rapid changes
  • Focuses on building the right product
  • Improved developer productivity and efficiency
  • Out of the box deployment strategies
  • Fast Deployment
  • Automated Triggers
  • Manual Judgement
  • One Click Rollback
  • Wide range of Deployment strategies like — Blue Green, Highlanders etc.
  • Does not support CFN based deployment
  • Pipeline level access authorization not available
  • User authentication is easy but authorization management is not straight forward — is a bit confusing sometime
  • Integration with external authentication mechanism is not that simple
  • Window based systems finds it difficult to onboard spinnaker

Spinnaker deployment pipeline

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