Service mapping topology diagram

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Service mapping topology diagram

Recently one of my client was looking for service mapping topology diagram. Confused of the term ? Let me put it in simple words .

Their environment has grown bigger that the number of services and its upstream & downstream are connected like a spider web. When there is an issue in one of the application or services, few other services are also impacted. But to understand about the other service impacts its taking time and not an easy way of finding or navigating. Or when I hit an url, what are the different services being called upon or connected.

A validation checklist is not the viable option as when the service connections are updated or modified, it requires manual effort to change the validation checklist too .


Options ahead :

To solve this, we have multiple tools in market . To start with, we are in progress of analysing Amazon X-ray, Servicewatch, Datadog, Service Mesh as options. Even though all these tools can give a high level picture of service mapping, we dont have a tool which can automatically detect all the service mappings, service-to-service connections, inter-related upstream & downstream services.

Its obvious to create a custom code which can register the service-id between different service mappings and this can be visualized in a structured way. Incase of any issue, the tool should notify us of the exact components/service which is failing.

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