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PANDAS – Pandas is the best Python library that is used for data manipulation. It uses dataframes. Dataframe consists of data in a tabular format with rows and columns.


MATPLOTLIB – Matplotlib is a library that is used for data visualization. It is a subpart of Scipy. It is used to create plots.


SCIKIT-LEARN – Scikit-Learn provides an easy and robust structure that helps Machine Learning models learn, transform, and predict with the help of data.


NUMPY – Numpy stands for Numerical Python. It can easily deal with multidimensional data. It helps in matrix manipulation of the data such as indexing, slicing ,reshape ,etc,..


TENSORFLOW – TensorFlow is one of the best open-source libraries used for building Machine Learning and Deep Learning models. It was developed by Google. The model that uses tensorflow can work on both CPU’S and GPU’S.


KERAS – Keras is a user-friendly library designed to reduce the difficulty of developers in creating ML-based applications. It allows easy representation of neural networks. It is highly efficient for visualization and modelling.


SCIPY – SciPy is considered one of the important libraries in Python. SciPy enables us to perform scientific computing. SciPy is based on the NumPy library. It is perfect for image manipulation.

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