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Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool used for business to organize , analyze and visualize data. Python code can be used directly in the cells of the excel using Py function with the help of python libraries like scikit learn .

It supports multiple lines of code and generates new lines of code. It accepts objects such as ranges , tables , queries,etc,.. Users can share python in Excel workbooks with their teammates without using any additional tools.


Python is one of the most popular programming languages which is easy to learn and understand.  It performs tasks such as data cleaning, predictive analytics, and machine learning due to support from tools such as formulas, PivotTables and Excel Charts.


Microsoft has partnered with programming language repository provider, Anaconda, to allow Python code to run in Excel without any additional setup. Python in Excel will be included with your Microsoft 365 subscription. Thus integrating python with Excel provides many additional features to work with.



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