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Jameeka Green Aaron is  the chief information security officer, customer identity at Okta. Okta is not just a security company, it’s an identity company. Big companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft are all signed on to as a biometric replacement for passwords.

The basic idea is that you can sign in to your accounts using your fingerprint or Face ID instead of a password. Google already supports it, Microsoft is testing it in Windows 11, and Apple will support it soon with the release of iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma.

Their goal is to enable everyone to safely log in anywhere they want to log in, essentially to safely use the internet and log in. The idea is to go into passkeys or go into passphrases or go password-less. They are thinking about all the ways in which they can do that securely but also in a way that people will actually use the technology to keep themselves safe.

The future of digital identity is one the consumer controls where the consumer decides which information is actually needed and do they want to provide that information. It is about digital identity which includes Biometric. It uses public keys and private keys to protect the data.

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