Netflix and Containers? Why is Linux the first step for Freshers ?

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Linux is free, an open Source and is compatible with a lot of low end hardware and does not require anti virus. Well, these words can never convince anyone to start learning Linux, so let me try a different approach. If you want to get into IT the more skills you get to know, the more fun you get!!

Let’s just say you had a website and there are some permissions issue with the files and you have no idea of what the permission is or file structure is . So you start to research through unknown files and this just consumes more time. There are hundreds of answer and you will eventually solve it, but the point is not that. The point is how well you are understanding the Operating System? How it helps you to reduce the consumption of time on simple Linux related issue?

Linux is kind of the first step if you want to get into IT. Once you get to know about the basic you could easily step into the all trending word — “ Container “

Still not convinced?? Keep reading !!

Netflix and Containers

Chilling means Netflix, Netflix means Chilling. We binge watch shows in Netflix all the time, but have you ever wondered the Technology behind it ?

While using Netflix — you swipe, skip forward, log in, pay your bill — all these actions are handled by different dedicated Micro services. A concept that Netflix pioneered and all of them are held in Virtual Containers. The traditional ways of sites to have tons of users at once was to run lots of separate instances of the same code in virtual machines . A typical server could run many VM’s at once which allows multiple users to access at the same time.

Now in Netflix there could be like one container for credit card authentication, another for review system and another for volume slider and so on . So now if lots of people are using certain micro services , the system could create more instances that specific container instead of opening up a full fat VM’s. Google literally runs 2 billion containers at any given time , because they are so easy to scale. That’s when Kubernetes came to manage all these containers.

The containers paradigm offers Speed enhancements as servers can run smaller micro services much more easily without tons of VM’s slowing them down. Games like League of Legends, Fortnite , Pokemon go uses containers, so they could easily update and change features without interrupting anything or anyone who is currently playing at the moment.

The importance of Containers, Linux, Kubernetes has no end and it all starts with getting to know them . So what are you waiting for? Step on to CubenSquare and start your career.

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