Manage Open source components with White Source and Checkmarx

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Today lets talk about Managing Open source components with White Source and Checkmarx

Information about Open source Vulnerability is scattered and constantly changing. Securing and verifying the compliance of each component by yourself will slow down development , but doing nothing will leave you exposed. There must be a simple way to secure and manage your opensource , here is when Whitesource and checkmax comes into play

White Source

White source automates the entire open source management process , it enables to use opensource freely without compromising security or agility. White source continuously identifies all open source component. It detects any vulnerability in real time and enforces your companies policies whether your app is still in development or already up and running

What Whitesource Does?

4 steps in Whitesource

  1. Detects
  2. Selects
  3. Alerts
  4. Reports

Makes life easier for developers by detecting issues directly inside thier environments — this helps them to make better decisions , speed up intergration and fix problems quickly

Selection is a term based upon a chrome extension that it supports — whitesource scans the code and provides you with relevant data

Alerting is based on trigger technology when a vulnerability is detected

Finally reporting is made which is much more reliable and effective.

Now, you can be sure that your applications are secure as whitesource detects and remediates vulnerabilities even post deployment


While Building an application one unchecked step could leave the whole thing exploitable by hackers , so here comes Checkmarx.

Checkmarxs scans uncompelled softwares source code and quickly identifies security vulnerabilities and regulatory compliance issues. It shows you where and how to fix them .

By scanning code — complex builds are not necessary for check marks to do its job , it can literally throw code at it and get great results from it.

Checkmarx ,

  • Analyzes Flow of data to find the best fixed locations , that when corrected can eliminate many vulnerabilities with a single fix.
  • Higly accurate results
  • Easily customizable
  • Rapid set up and easy to use interface

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