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LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned social networking platform tailored for professionals, has recently reached its 21st birthday, a remarkable achievement in the ever-evolving realm of technology. To maintain its leadership in the dynamic world of professional networking, LinkedIn has introduced a suite of new AI-driven features to cater to its nearly one billion users.

LinkedIn achieved a significant milestone last year, generating a substantial $15 billion in revenue, reaffirming its status as a pivotal player in business networking and job searching. While LinkedIn has been gradually integrating AI-based features into its platform, the latest developments represent a significant leap forward.

One notable addition is the comprehensive upgrade to its Recruiter talent sourcing platform, which now seamlessly incorporates AI assistance. In addition, LinkedIn has introduced an AI-powered LinkedIn Learning coach and an innovative AI-driven tool for marketing campaigns.

AI has played a vital role within LinkedIn for some time, even if much of it has operated behind the scenes. Users have experienced LinkedIn suggesting connections that align closely with their professional interests. These insights into user behavior and the platform’s evolution have been powered by AI.

LinkedIn, traditionally reliant on its proprietary AI tools, is now expanding its horizons. The platform leverages technology from both Microsoft and OpenAI to ensure its features remain cutting-edge. This shift aligns with Microsoft’s strategic investment in OpenAI, where it holds a 49% stake following a substantial $13 billion infusion. This partnership enables LinkedIn to harness the expertise and capabilities of OpenAI and Microsoft for its AI-driven innovations.

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