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HTMX is the HTML extension syntax that replaces JavaScript with simple markup. It could change the course of web development. HTMX lets you use an extended HTML syntax instead of JavaScript to achieve interactivity.

HTMX gives you HTTP interactions directly in the markup, and it supports many other interactive needs without resorting to JavaScript. It’s an interesting idea that could end up influencing the way web front-ends work.

HTMX has been around for some time, but it has been a bit of a sleeper project. Its recent acceptance into the GitHub Accelerator may change all that. The basic idea is to take common use cases that require boilerplate JavaScript-and-HTML interactions and just use an HTML syntax, without the JavaScript. Many interactions become declarative with HTMX.

Every web developer knows there are many common boilerplate cases. Carson Gross, the creator of HTMX, says he’s hoping to “complete HTML as a hypertext, increasing its expressiveness enough to make it a competitive alternative for more advanced, modern web applications.”

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