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Devops Role Interview

Lets discuss the practical approach

FAQ by IT professionals : How to get prepared for DevOps role & interview when we are totally new to term|technology and we just learned the course..

Lets jump in . I am categorizing this into 3 major categories

  • Learn DevOps – both technical & process
  • Understand your current Project, tools & technologies used
  • Profile & Tell about yourself

First and foremost – Learn and get hands-on experience in DevOps tools through various demos,use cases . Go through the DevOps process aspects as well .

When I say devops tools , we have several tools out there . Choose the one which is widely adapted by organizations .

For instance , we at cubensquare chose tools like

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins
  • Ansible
  • Git | Github
  • Jfrog
  • Prometheus & Grafana.

We will adapt to new tools when there is a need and change

You can either choose these or any other alternatives too.Get the handson without fail , which will help you to explain the concepts along with proof of concept clearly and with proper flow

Approximate time to learn and practice : I would say 3 Months is sufficient enough for you to get prepared for an interview

Next :

You might be a System admin , Windows admin , Linux admin , VMware admin , db admin , storage admin , service desk executive etc playing different role . End of the day , most of you would be supporting an e-business | online application – can be financial org, health care, transportation, media etc

Probably most of us wont take time to understand the business for the account we support .

That is ,

  • How my application works
  • What are the teams involved
  • What is their roles & responsibility
  • What is their day to day activity

We all must understand that . If you are not aware of all these , plz start knowing . Its important for you to understand the application functionality/business logic which will help you to fit devops tools on the right place and explain better from an interview standpoint/presentation

I will jot down the topics for you to start with

Understanding your current account

  • What is the Business involved . example – Banking , media, healthcare, ticket booking , etc
  • Architecture [Application flow & roles of each tool]
  • Environment details ( Example – Dev, Testing, Production)
  • Different support teams (Example-Linux operations, Windows Operations, Middleware operations, storage operations, service desk, database operations team)
  • Process being followed
  • Technologies & tools used
  • Number of servers, Operating system and its versions
  • Inventory of On-prem vs Cloud servers
  • Data Storage
  • Day to Day activities [ incident , changes , service request , sprints]
  • Stake holders

Now the question , were do I get all these information – Talk to other team members,refer your project documentation , refer your inventory/knowledge base for details

After this , its time to choose usecases/proof of concept and start getting handson. This will help you to explain better from interview standpoint and also understanding perspective.

Troubleshooting scenario – during practice , you will end up in several issues and errors . Document all those along with the solution.Share this during your interview process

Important – CICD example . Learn complete CICD process which includes all tools and practice

From profile standpoint –

Mention the DevOps tools , usecases in technical expertise section and current organization roles & responsibilities in separate section

During interview process , the first things would be ‘Tell about yourself ‘.Be confident and stick to the pointers you have practiced

Align the pointers and put in a proper sequence .

That is

  • Years of experience in IT | DevOps
  • Tools experience
  • Account architecture
  •  Day to day activities

These are major categories you need to focus when you are preparing for a DevOps role / interview .

Hope this helps

Thank you

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