Heatwave in UK hit Google and Oracle Cloud Servers

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Google Cloud and Oracle in United Kingdom struggled with Cooling related outrages as the country experienced extreme heat.

Several machines were shut down yesterday as the temperatures hit the record-breaking 40.3 degrees celsius since data centres couldn’t handle the heat. This caused several resources, services and virtual machines to become unavailable and even several websites to go down — India Times

Oracle was the first to be affected due to cooling failure causing non critical hardware to be powered down

As a Result of Unseasonal Temperatures in the region , a subset of cooling infrastructure within the UK South (London) Data Center experienced an issue . This led to a subset of our service infrastructure needed to be powered down to prevent uncontrollable hardware failures — Oracle Cloud Status Message

After two hours Google also faced the same issue

Cooling related failure in one of its UK -based Data Centres. This caused a partial capacity failure in that zone, leading to VM(Virtual Machine) terminations and a loss of machines for a small set of customers. We have also powered down some of the machines to prevent further damage — Google Cloud Status Page

Both Google and Oracle were able to repair the failures and reactivate their full networks within a few hours. The customers where then able to access the services shortly after.

The fact that UK’s Infrastructure isn’t built to handle extreme heat levels could be the cause for this outrage

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