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In an ever-changing world of technology, our reliance on Artificial Intelligence (AI) grows by the day. But with great power comes great responsibility, and concerns about the security of AI systems have been on the rise. Google, one of the tech giants leading the AI revolution, is taking a proactive step to address these concerns.


They’ve expanded their Vulnerability Rewards Program (VRP) to focus specifically on AI-related threats. This means that they’re willing to reward security researchers who discover vulnerabilities and potential malice in AI systems. Google recognizes that AI comes with its unique set of challenges, such as model manipulation and unfair biases. These challenges require new guidelines to protect us all.


If a researcher finds a way to extract training data from an AI system that leaks private and sensitive information, Google is ready to reward them. However, if the data extracted is public and not sensitive, it won’t qualify for a reward. Last year, Google gave a whopping $12 million to these diligent security researchers, emphasizing the importance of their work.


But Google’s initiative is not just about giving out rewards. They want to make AI safer for everyone. The company believes that by expanding the VRP, they will encourage research into AI safety and security, ultimately making AI systems more secure.


In addition to this, Google is also expanding its efforts in open-source security to ensure that information about the security of AI supply chains is easily accessible and verifiable for everyone.


It’s not just Google; AI companies from all around have come together to work on understanding and addressing vulnerabilities in AI. This unity is a positive step towards securing AI systems for the future.

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