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In a recent update, Google’s Bard AI chatbot has taken a big leap in enhancing your chat experience. Until now, Bard used to reply only when it completed generating the entire response. But now, it can interact with you in real time, giving you a sneak peek into the answer as it’s being created. This feature is quite similar to what Microsoft’s Bing Chatbot offers.

The new real-time response feature offers a more dynamic and engaging conversation with Bard. If you prefer the old way, where you get the complete answer at once, don’t worry, as Google gives you the flexibility to switch between the “Respond in real time” and “Respond when complete” options. You can do this by clicking on the cog icon in the top-right corner of Bard’s chat window.

Google has also introduced a nifty “Skip response” button. If you don’t like the answer Bard is generating, you can press this button to stop it mid-sentence. This allows you to type in a different question or regenerate the response without having to wait for the entire answer.

If you decide to wait for the answer, there’s still more to explore. You can press the “view other drafts” button to see alternative responses Bard has come up with. Moreover, Google has added the ability to modify the response’s tone, making it more “casual” or “professional” depending on your preference.

And for those who like fact-checking, there’s a feature to cross-verify the answers using Google’s Search. Just click on the Google logo in the bottom menu bar, and you can ensure the accuracy of Bard’s responses.

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