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India’s digital journey is in full swing, with ambitions to connect over a billion people to the digital realm. The country has made remarkable progress by providing affordable access to data across the nation. Coupled with home-grown Digital Public Infrastructure led by UPI (Unified Payments Interface), India is poised to leap into the next technology paradigm, powered by generative AI.

These efforts focus on enhancing core products to be more helpful for the Indian audience and deepening partnerships with prominent Indian firms in areas such as banking, finance, and cyber safety. Breakthroughs in generative AI are redefining what Google Search can offer to cater to the information needs of Indian users.

New visual and local capabilities are being introduced, along with features like exploring nearby places, accessing government scheme information, and aiding small businesses in creating high-quality catalogs for an enhanced shopping experience.

One crucial aspect of generative AI’s impact is democratizing access to information and enabling digital success for all, extending to the delivery of citizen services and new avenues for farmers to boost their income. Google Cloud has partnered with Axis My India to create a multilingual super-app called “a.”

This app aims to make government social welfare schemes, basic amenities, job opportunities, and healthcare benefits accessible to everyone, regardless of their location. Powered by Google Cloud infrastructure and Gen AI, “a” will match user queries with personalized government information, improving over time to better serve citizens.

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