Day to Day Activities of a Devops Engineer

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Devops is on the top job search list. The entire industry started migrating, adopting devops culture and investing in varied devops tools. Finance sector, Healthcare domain, Media, Food industry, transportation industry and several other sectors too started adopting to Devops culture as the results are quick, consistent, varied costing options.

As devops is a culture, every organization follows their own way of adherence. In this volume, lets take one such example

Day to Day activities of a Devops Engineer — L2

  1. Check the mail box for new mails and pending mails to action
  2. Slack — check your communication channel : Slack|Teams|Jabber|…
  3. Go through the monitoring dashboard to check the application health — Grafana|Datadog|Appdynamics|Dynatrace|etc
  4. Calendar check — Meetings scheduled . Team meeting|Daily Scrum|etc
  5. Check Jira ticketing tool for User stories. User stories|Tasks are being assigned to individuals
    Tasks like — ( stating few of the frequent )
    a. Kubernetes cluster setup on cloud or on-prem
    b. Monitoring setup|configuration|tweaks|alerting|etc
    c. CICD pipeline setup
    d. Deployment file
    e. Helm chart creation
    f. Docker image build
    g. Repository configuration
    h. cloud configuration — Route53|LB|VM Instance| Capacity| Failover|IAM|Storage|etc
    h. documentation
  6. Troubleshooting — Engage Devops team through incident ticket|chat channel
  7. Arriving to a conclusion on POD resource capacity : Discussion with application team on load testing & its results. Based on results, arrive at an approximate CPU,memory capacity for the PODs
  8. Documentation: All tasks and steps to be documented — Confluence

 These are some high level day to day activities carried out by a Devops engineer. In upcoming blogs, we will look at troubleshooting scenarios, POC etc

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