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Datafication can be defined as a process that aims to transform most aspects of a business into quantifiable data that can be tracked, monitored, and analyzed. It refers to the use of tools and processes to turn an organization into a data-driven enterprise.

Today’s organizations rely heavily on data, transforming industries like accounting and human resources. Datafication is the process of turning all of the objects in our life into digital devices that are powered by data.

To summarize, datafication transforms manual, labour-intensive procedures into data-driven technologies. Longer than we can recall, data will be a part of everything from our cell phones to our industrial equipment, office software, and AI-powered devices.

As a result, managing our data securely and safely has turned into a sought-after competence in our industry. If done right, datafication can transform raw data into knowledge. Numerous firms have already benefited from this.

Datafication is done with the help of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and many other emerging stacks. By automating the process of collecting and analyzing data, datafication can save time.

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