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Data Dog is an essential monitoring platform for cloud applications .If your running an application at scale in public or private clouds, you have to tame almost boundless of data from various platforms.

Data Dog brings in all this data , with infrastructure metrics , traces and logs in one integrated platform. You can collect data from different technologies for Visualization, Troubleshooting, Machine Learning ,Alerting and many more

  • Visualizes your entire Infrastructure- sorts and filters your hosts using automatically generated tags
  • Monitors the Flow of Traffic across your environment
  • Sees how all your services interact and automatically map your dependencies
  • Stay ahead of user issues with automated api tests and browser tests

When a source of an issue is to be detected , faceted search helps to quickly dive into your traces and logs

Data dog automatically alerts you via — Mail, slack and other tools . With built in real-time security monitoring- Data Dog alerts you to potential threats across the full stream of your metrics, logs and traces.

Platform Services

  • Analytics
  • ML Insights
  • Visualization
  • Collaboration
  • Automation
  • Alerting

Data Dog Features

  1. Instant Infrastructure observability
  2. End to end request traces
  3. Always on Production Profiling
  4. Automatic Anomaly Detection
  5. Map service dependencies
  6. Centralizes all Logs
  7. Optimize frontend Performance
  8. Real-time threat detection

It sees inside any stack, apps at any scale. 10,000+ companies use Data Dog

To gain Visibility across Stacks observability is an important tool. So selecting a Platform which provides all this is a must!!

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