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Allen Ginsberg

CubenSquare Announces Blogathon 2021

A Blogging Competition where every blogger is recognized for their talent. A platform to showcase your writing talent where Students and Professionals could combine projects with real-time problems and express it with words. Each Published Article will receive a cash prize and the best blogs will be showcased in CubenSquare Blog Page.

Who can Write?

  • Students
  • Professional
  • Anyone with relevant knowledge on the domain

What to Write?

  • You can pick any topic relating to Big data Analytics, Networking, Cloud and DevOps.
  • Case Studies, Upcoming Projects on the above mentioned domains is encouraged.
  • Blog can be written using Medium or WordPress.

Winners and Prize Money

  • First Prize  – ₹5000/-
  • Second Prize – ₹3000/-
  • Third Prize – ₹2000/-

And there’s more,

  • Each Published Article gets a Reward of ₹250/-
  • If an Article has gained 1000 views a Bonus of ₹500/- is rewarded


  • A blog should not be less than thousand (1000) words
  • Newly Written blogs will only be taken into Considerations
  • To include the CubenSquare Website ( and Banner (will be shared to you through mail) at the end of your blog
  • Your Blog should be easily accessible to anyone using the URL provided by you
  • Only if all the above conditions are satisfied reward will be processed.

How to Register?

  • Fill in the details at the bottom of the page and click the Register Button.
  • Once you receive the confirmation mail start working on your blog and publish it (Medium/ WordPress/ Github)
  • For Submission – A Google Form will be shared to all the participants where the URL of your blog could be submitted.
  • Google Forms will be shared through mail once the competition starts

Registration is open from August 8th(9.00 am)

The Competition starts on August 15th and ends at August 22nd

The result will be announced on August 29th – in CubenSquare Website and Social Media Sites


*Fill out Correct details- The Submission link will be shared to you once the Competition Starts

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