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Hugging Face, a prominent AI startup valued at $4.5 billion, has acknowledged accessibility issues in China. The Chinese government blocked access to Hugging Face’s platform, which hosts over 365,000 open-source AI models.

Chinese authorities routinely block websites containing content they deem inappropriate. The specific reason for censoring Hugging Face remains unclear, but it might be linked to local regulations introduced in August. These regulations require AI service providers to register and adhere to existing content restrictions.

Hugging Face, founded in 2016, has thrived in the generative AI technology boom. Its platform enables developers to collaborate on machine learning projects and share datasets, much like GitHub does for code repositories. China has previously blocked access to GitHub, though it remains periodically accessible due to its vital role in the country’s software engineering ecosystem.

Hugging Face expressed its awareness of the accessibility issues in China but cited the challenges posed by government regulations. The Chinese AI community has expressed frustration with the restrictions, highlighting the importance of global access to AI resources.

China’s approach to internet censorship and regulation continues to impact access to international platforms and information, posing challenges for both users and companies in the AI space.

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